Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Most of the day had been filled with the sound of saws, saws that were taking down two trees in our neighborhood.  I had mixed feelings as I heard the saws doing their work, for I love trees and I never like to see one come down.  But these two trees were old and dangerous.  Limbs had been breaking off and dropping from them for some time.  With each heavy wind, one would keep an eye on those trees, fearing that one or both would fall and cause damage.  Despite the concern over the trees, there was also a fascination -- and a grief -- as they were brought down.  Neighbors came out of their homes, some seated on lawn chairs in their garages, to watch the process.  I have no idea how old those trees were or how many storms they had endured or over how many children they had provided shade to play outside, but they are now gone.  All that is left are their trunks, soon to be felled and the stumps ground.  The neighborhood will be just that much barer without their big presence. 

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