Monday, May 20, 2013

Favorite Drive

There's a small stretch of road linking two entrances to our local state park that draws me into it every chance I can take.  The paved road is perhaps a mile long, sheltered on all sides by trees.  In fact, the trees are so mature that their canopies lean across the road, touching each other.  I enjoy this favorite drive of mine at any time of the year, but I particularly like it in the spring when the trees are barely budding and there are so many shades of green to be seen that one can't even describe them properly.  So on a recent day when the sun was behind the clouds and the subtle shades of green were starting to pop, I found myself just needing to drive that stretch of paved road.  I drove a little slower than normal so I could observe the spring beauty.  As I concluded my drive and looked back in my rearview mirror, the sight of it all still took my breath away. 

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