Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In Bloom

My friend Ellen invited me recently to take a little road trip to a botanic garden.  It was spring and she wanted to see (and smell) the cherry blossoms.  So, she picked me up and we headed out on our spring blossom quest.  If one word could describe what we encountered, I'd have to say it was "heady."  The nearly translucent pink magnolia, the serviceberry heavy with small white flowers, the deep-pink redbud, and the light pink cherry trees were all in full blossom that sunny day.  The forsythia bushes and some daffodils were showy in their yellow-ness.  The bergenia were starting to bloom, as were the Virginia bluebells.  The little white Dutchman's breeches were swaying in the gentle breeze.  The magenta checkered tulips hung their beautiful heads.  The summer snowflakes, little white bell-shaped flowers with green dots on the edges, were so beautiful and delicate that I just had to gently lift up one of the little bells to fully appreciate the intricacy of its architecture. For the first time in a while, I have been allowing myself time to be, to just be.  That day, I allowed myself to stroll ever so slowly and carefully study the colors, the textures, the shapes, the scents of each flowering plant and tree.  I was reminded of the beauty that is around us all of the time, in particular during this favorite season of mine.  When I slow down, I receive a most amazing gift.  It is then that I see beauty and all that is there for me to enjoy.

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