Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mindful Eating

It's a bit of a said statement about society today that we have to be reminded to eat mindfully, savoring every mouthful, but that was the topic of a column I read in our local newspaper recently.  With the obesity epidemic that we hear about in the news, the column addressed the fact that we should sit at a table, savor each bite, chew it slowly and put our forks down when we're 80% full.  I think of my late friend Jane who ate her meals at her dining room table and took time before she consumed them to prayerfully give thanks for the food before her and for those who devoted their efforts to grow it and transport it so that she could enjoy it.  When Jane told me about her meal meditations, I started doing so myself and I also started selecting my food differently so that it would provide us with the greatest amount of nourishment possible.  With food being delivered to us faster than ever, I believe there is great merit in selecting and preparing our meals with care and consuming our food, slowly, mindfully, with gratitude.

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