Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Message

Important messages seem to come to me at the most unexpected times and from the most unexpected sources and places.  However, recently while listening to the Christian gospel quartet, The Messengers, and their musical ministry during one of our church's worship services, I realized how important it was for the musicians, during their introductions, to invite the audience to take away messages from their musical selections' that might benefit their own lives, contemplations and considerations.  I listened intently, enjoying each musical selection, wondering just what those particular messages might be for me.  Of the many observations I made that morning, I realized that one is to shine your light for others.  The Messengers have been singing together for 30 years.  Despite changes in the composition of the group and life's happenings along the way, they kept singing, shining their light for others to grasp and glow.  Another observation I made is that it is important to spend time in quiet reflection, meditation or prayer each day.  By quieting the mind, we open up space for solutions and new ways of thinking.  And yet another observation was the universal power of music to uplift us, give us joy, make us ponder and even walk away with a message of hope.  I was fortunate to receive many messages that morning listening to The Messengers.  Such important and affirming messages are given to us every day, if we only open ourselves to receiving them.

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