Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wisdom and Grace x 2

My friends Debbie and Judy invited me to walk with them one evening and I was grateful for time in the fresh air with these two wise and gracious women.  They each wear a sense of calm and peace that nourishes and nurtures all who have the good fortune of being around them.  I was that lucky recipient of their nurturing that evening as we walked the Tumbled Rocks Trail at Devil's Lake.  We stopped periodically to watch fish splashing in the water, the sun casting a yellow light behind a stand of evergreens, the beauty of the Chateau casting a reflection of itself on the lake in the distance. Debbie talked about the power of our own positive energy casting out and reflecting back to us even more positive energy.  Judy shared her wisdom about listening carefully to the nuances of our bodies as an ultimate measure of self-care.  Their musical laughter, their gentle beings, their wise words and their kind hearts were among the many gifts I received that evening from those two lovely women.  I left our encounter the richer from the experience of being with them.

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