Friday, June 21, 2013

Old-Fashioned Fun

The night was just too ideal to stay tucked inside after supper, so my husband Larry and I walked downtown for an outdoor concert on the square.  The beautiful music, chosen in celebration of Flag Day, was performed on our community's picturesque courthouse green to a large crowd of appreciative listeners.  The adults sat in their lawn chairs and on park benches.  Families snuggled on spread-out blankets. The children giggled and shrieked as they ran across the lawn, danced to the music and climbed on the big cannon at the east end of the green.  Larry and I strolled throughout the crowd, taking in the music and enjoying brief conversations with numerous friends.  These are the old-fashioned, simple, delightful joys of living in a small town, where the community gathers in the summer for free outdoor concerts every Thursday night and everyone feels like family. 

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