Thursday, June 13, 2013


Saturday nights are meant for dancing, ballroom dancing in the Chateau at Devil's Lake State Park.  Larry and I ventured out to the lake last Saturday evening for a brisk walk and then a glimpse of those dancing gracefully around the Chateau to the waltzes, two-steps and more.  I love to dance, but Larry prefers to watch, so we "danced" from a bench outside of the Chateau, watching with appreciation the silhouettes of couples moving to the music.  With ice cream cones in hand and nice conversation with others who joined us, it was a delightful evening.  The swallows and bats made an appearance, dancing a dance of their own.  Whether you make or dance to the music or are simply appreciating its loveliness from a bench on the shore of a cool lake, Saturday nights are indeed meant for dancing.

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