Sunday, June 30, 2013

Raining and Resting

I'd been feeling tired lately, but still had a long to-do list for my day off.  However, when I awoke to a thunderstorm in the morning and the sky remained gray and threatening, my to-do list became far less important.  Instead, I replaced my energetic list of so-called important tasks with reading, resting and finally a nap.  There's nothing so decadent for me as to succumb to slumber in the afternoon when it isn't brought on by a cold or illness.  To simply make a nap a priority is heavenly to me.  On that day, I truly needed the nap to take away the overwhelming fatigue from a busy week.  It revived me -- mind, body and soul.  Unlike the song's lyrics about rainy days getting me down, this one perked me right back up.

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