Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Cat Named Courage

I recently met a cat named Courage.  His human companion told me that the cat normally was fearful when strangers came around and would immediately run and hide.  For some reason that day, Courage and I hit it off.  He stayed put in his little kitty bed and allowed me to pet him and scratch him under his chin. He never once ran away to hide.  Instead, he seemed content and curious at the same time, comfortable enough with me to stay put, stretch out and take me in.  Courage the cat got me to questioning the depth of my own courage.  When confronted with something new, do I usually run and hide or do I see it for what it is and allow myself to become comfortable with it?  We all have opportunities to look fear in the eye and display our own courage.  I think of the many wonderful people in my life who do so with grace and dignity, and I realize how much I want to display those same characteristics.  So, on this day, I will take a lesson from Courage the cat and see newness and change as the opportunities they really are.

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