Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sky Blue Pink

I should have been doing something productive, but instead I sat perched on the floor, watching the sun set.  The sky was pink on the southern horizon and I just couldn't attend to anything but the beauty of that November sky.  The silhouette of a bare tree, dotted with fat squirrel nests throughout its canopy, was my only obstruction from a complete view of that magnificent sky.  My mom used to refer to "sky blue pink," as a tongue-in-cheek color description.  I wonder if that phrase came about because of a sky like the one I was viewing. Sunsets are always beautiful, if we only take the time to enjoy them, but a late fall/winter sunset is especially beautiful, perhaps because I crave color in the midst of the starkness.  Suddenly, I was jarred from my pink sky view and rose-colored glasses reverie when the alarm on our stove went off.  Though a reminder of the realities of fixing dinner, I kept one eye on the brilliance of nature's sky pallette until the sun went down. 

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