Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I love to putter around with our home décor, but I wouldn't call myself necessarily very artistic or imaginative when it comes to putting together arrangements.  However, I recently found myself volunteering to help prepare our church sanctuary's chancel for Thanksgiving.  My good friend Donna is highly creative.  Everything she touches seems to become just that much more beautiful.  She came loaded with a carload of natural items, baskets, pottery, root vegetables and dried wheat.  My other good friends Gloria, Alice and Judy also came laden with items.  I brought along my own additions.  Together, under the guidance of Donna's artistic eye and gentle approach, we created what I believe was a bountiful and beautiful chancel scene of Thanksgiving.  It was only to be enjoyed for one day, for next weekend, the scene will change and we will decorate the church for the Christmas season.  But, for me, that one day was the stuff of which memories make, working alongside wonderful women in my life, tangibly creating a spirit of Thanksgiving.

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