Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My friend Ellen and her neighbors hosted an art and craft sale one recent Saturday.  When Ellen extended the invitation, I immediately marked my calendar.  Although I have no talents for creating art or crafts, I always enjoy seeing the quality work of others.  Such was the case that day when I saw Anita's fine jewelry, Ellen's quilted and sewn items and the handiwork of others whose talents abounded.  I ended up buying a Christmas gift for a dear friend and a little gift for myself. I just couldn't leave without one of Anita's beautiful tree pins.  Made of meticulously wound silver wire and artfully placed ice-blue beads, the pin formed a delicate deciduous tree.  I am fascinated by trees, as was my mom.  Among her pieces of nature jewelry was a bronze-tone evergreen pin that will be getting a lot of wear now that we're approaching winter and the holidays.  But, the deciduous tree pin will receive equal wear, for its loveliness reminds me of the artist-friend who made it.  

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