Friday, November 29, 2013

An Un-Christmas Party

While others were out searching for Black Friday deals this morning, I was at an Un-Christmas Party.  My creative friend Kitty invited me to her home to a party designed for just the two of us:  To watch "White Christmas" and sing along at the top of our voices.  Any excuse to get together with Kitty is a good one, for she is a dear and amazing friend.  But being a fan of "White Christmas" made the invitation all the better.  We climbed into our recliners, bowl of popcorn and apples at hand and tuned in to the magic of "White Christmas."  I thought I knew the lyrics to all of the songs, but Kitty outshone me with her ability to remember every word of even the lesser known pieces.  Periodically throughout the movie, one of us would comment about Danny Kaye's lithe and limber form, Vera-Ellen's dancing abilities, Rosemary Clooney's silky voice and sparkling blue eyes, the enchanting atmosphere of the inn, the beautiful red dresses worn in the last scene, and the crooner himself, Bing Crosby's ability to make us tear up when he sang "Count Your Blessings" and "White Christmas."  The grass may have still been green outside and the sun shining brightly, but inside, Kitty and I were snuggled up singing "Snow," while waiting for a White Christmas.

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