Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow

Although I'd heard the forecast, I was still surprised to open the curtains yesterday morning to see it snowing.  Big, fluffy flakes filled the sky, sticking to the grass and the trees as they fell.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for the first real snow of the season, but it arrived without asking me, so I figured I might as well embrace it.  By lunchtime, the snow had subsided.  However, it left a light blanket of white on nearly every surface except for the streets.  Although I'm a warm-weather person, I have to admit that I felt the romance of this first snow.  Everything was clean and pure and silent.  The snow made me start thinking about the holidays.  I wanted to sing Christmas music.  I could see myself tucked under my quilt from Kitty, leisurely taking a book from the stack I'd checked out from the public library, reading until a nap would take over.  In a few days, the temperature is supposed to soar back to around 50.  The snow will melt and the romance will be gone, if only temporarily until the first really big snow arrives.

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