Saturday, November 16, 2013

Star Bright

The evening sky always used to captivate my parents' attention.  Growing up in the country, there were no city lights to obstruct our view of the celestial nuances.  Although as a child I seemed to take that spectacular view for granted, as the years go by, I am increasingly interested in the night sky.  The other evening, Larry and I happened to be outdoors when, all of a sudden, we both stood still and looked up at the wide expanse of blackness, dotted with many bright and twinkling stars.  It was a sacred moment, together in our silence, observing the sky. Then, the next night, I found myself standing in the darkened kitchen gazing out the window.  It was late and I should have been sound asleep by then, but I'd gotten lost in the hours of writing and reading.  I let myself stand there for a while and I instantly felt a connection to my parents.  Whenever I can't sleep (which fortunately isn't very often), watching the night sky from any available window is my best antidote.

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