Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Little Night Music

It had been a hectic work week with long hours, many meetings and several evenings of additional obligations, so it was doubly nice last Friday night when Larry and I had the opportunity to sit still for a couple of hours and take in some beautiful music provided by the Pro Arte Quartet. The program included the works of Franz Joseph Haydn and Anton Bruckner, as well as a contemporary piece by Benoit Mernier that was commissioned in celebration of the Pro Arte Quartet's centennial.  On such occasions, I find that I enjoy the music even more when I close my eyes and let the loveliness wash over me.  Such was the case last Friday evening.  As I closed my eyes and welcomed the music into my soul, the busyness of the week departed and I was soon quiet, calm and filled with a sense of profound blessing and peace.  Such are the benefits of a little night music.

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