Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Saving Grace, Saying Grace

Our pastor spoke about grace one recent Sunday, which in the Christian faith is the unmerited receipt of God's love.  I think of the many blessings I have received undeservedly, blessings that have come about through God's love.  I have been given a most loving and supportive husband.  I have survived countless serious and life-threatening illnesses.  I had a wonderful mother and father. I have a warm and comfortable home in a safe and pleasant neighborhood.  I have plenty of food in the kitchen so that I will never go hungry. I have loving friends who bring me quality of life. I have a job that challenges me, excites me and enriches me and I am surrounded in the workplace by good people.  I have no needs and, I daresay, no wants. I am truly, truly blessed.  I didn't earn any of those things.  They were and are gifts.  So, as I begin and end each day listing three things for which I am grateful, I focus today on the many blessings for which I played no part in their making. They simply are and for that I say grace.

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