Sunday, March 16, 2014

Faces through Time

My church friend Mike and I are creating a video that will be shown at our church in a few weeks during a tour of downtown Baraboo historic churches.  It has been fun to look through old photographs of the church building, but it is even more enjoyable looking at the old photographs featuring people.  Perhaps it's the romantic in me, but I like to look into their faces, connect with their eyes and wonder what their lives were like at that very moment when the photograph was taken.  Some of the pictures date back some 150 years ago, others 50 years ago.  The trappings of life may have changed over the past decades, but the hopes, dreams, desires, and perhaps the triumphs and tribulations, too, may very well be the same as we experience today. In the end, I believe we all simply want to be safe, loved and happy and we wish the same for our loved ones.  I enjoy looking back into those faces through time, for they remind me of what's important today. 

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