Monday, March 10, 2014

Lap of Luxury

I'm not one to pamper myself, but one recent Saturday morning, I decided to deviate from the norm.  It had been a long week that required my rising every day one hour earlier than I usually do.  So, when Saturday rolled around, I let myself sleep and sleep and sleep.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided not to get out of bed right away.  Instead, I propped some pillows up behind me and I read the newspaper, then a book, stretched out in bed.  Still enjoying the experience immensely, I decided to get up long enough to make my breakfast and cart it back to bed with me.  Breakfast in bed?  Never!  My to-do list, long as my arm, was waiting for me. What in the world was I doing lounging in bed, propped up by pillows, the newspaper and a book at the ready, and my faithful bowl of oatmeal within easy reaching distance on the bedside table?  What I was doing was just what I needed to do -- pamper myself.  It's fine for me not to make a regular practice of it, for it would lose its luster quickly, but on that particular Saturday morning, my to-do list stayed right where it belonged, outside of the reach of my mind, body and spirit so I could live (but for a while) in the lap of luxury.

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  1. Just reading about it refreshes me! We have way too much guilt about our to-do lists. Six days of work and one of rest is more than what the dr. ordered! Thanks, Keri! :)


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