Monday, March 24, 2014

Purpose and Passion

Our pastor spoke recently about the fact that God has called each of us to be and do something special. Each of us is gifted in some way with something that we are good at and that we enjoy immensely. During one portion of her sermon, she asked the congregation to take a few minutes and to share with those sitting in the pew next to us what we see as our passion and purpose.  My good friend next to me told me that she loves to sing with a particular group and she likes to be part of something that contributes to the greater good. In turn, I voiced that I enjoy the creative pursuits of writing and video projects. In the pew ahead of me, I saw a woman sketching a beautifully detailed drawing in pencil on a small piece of paper. Obviously, her gift is art. Behind me was a woman whose lovely voice shone true and pure with each hymn we sang.  I couldn't help but feel that one of her gifts is music. As I looked around me, I was no longer surrounded by people, but by gifts and passions.  We are each called to be our very best and to utilize our talents and gifts for the greatest good. I was thankful to our pastor and her sermon as a reminder of this important message.

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