Friday, March 7, 2014

Pirate Crow

As hard as I looked, I couldn't find the pirates or the ship, but a crow high in a tree on the historic courthouse lawn was busy calling "Argh!" at me as I walked underneath the other day.  He (I say "he," but "he" may have been a "she") sounded a bit like a pirate and he wouldn't stop calling at me.  I wondered if the big black bird was lost and looking for the crow's nest of a pirate ship or perhaps he thought I looked like a character from "Pirates of the Caribbean."  Whatever his issue, he was certainly letting me know about it. I've heard crows hundreds of time.  Their characteristic "caw" sound is something I can hear and kind of ignore, even though it's usually rather piercing and irritating to the ear.  But when a crow makes pirate sounds, it gets my attention.  I decided to study the matter and checked out a website called  The site offered several audio files that featured the diversity, though not very pretty calls, of crows.  Some of the sounds were reminiscent of what I'd heard that day on the courthouse lawn, but nothing with so much of the "r" sound.  I may never know the reason behind that crow's call, but it certainly got my imagination to stirring!  Argh, matey!

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