Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Colorful Dragonfly

It'll be a few months before we see dragonflies once again at Devil's Lake, but last Sunday, a good friend surprised me with the gift of a whimsical, colorful dragonfly to hang on the wall.  Just looking at its brightly colored wings and body makes me smile.  This particular generous friend periodically surprises me with a card or gift depicting dragonflies, and I so appreciate her kindness. The dragonfly is supposedly symbolic of many things, including maturity, poise, adaptability and depth of character, even the ability to see things clearly. My favorite meaning of the dragonfly, however, is the focus on living in the moment and to the fullest. As I look at my new colorful dragonfly hanging on the wall of my home office, I reflect on the blessings of living in the moment, even when the moment is difficult. It is only when I give full attention to the now that I recognize all of the good that is in it.  

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