Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Step Forward

You wouldn't know it by the temperature or the mounds of snow outside our window, but we've taken a step forward today.  It's Daylight Savings Time again.  And oh, how we need a sign of spring!  To be able to turn the clocks forward by one hour gives us that precious added daylight at the end of the work day.  We'll begin our evening walks again, just as soon as it isn't too icy. I have only one walking pace and it's at a fast clip. I need ice-free sidewalks or I'll simply wait until I get them. Two years ago, March was so balmy that I recall wearing a denim skirt without pantyhose to a St. Patrick's Day concert.  I knew it was dreadfully wrong to have such warm weather so soon, but I couldn't help but love every moment. This year, given the interminable nature of our winter, I'll take any sign I can get.  And signs there are.  Looking out of our kitchen window the other day, I could see buds on a tree in the distance.  Even when it's been cold and snowing, the birds have been singing gaily.  The sky has a different look, now that we're moving toward the vernal equinox. Spring is really coming.  The clock has told me so.

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