Monday, March 31, 2014


While Larry has been experiencing March Madness, with one eye always focused on the televised basketball games of late, I've been having my own version of hoop dreams as I drive past area businesses setting up their hoop houses for spring plant sales.  After a winter that has seemed to be harsher and longer than in recent years, I am relishing my own celebration of March Madness. To finally see bags of mulch being stacked outdoors is a moment for celebration in Wisconsin.  Now, as I take my evening walks, I see people raking their yards, taking down Christmas lights and engaging in the annual ritual of preparing their lawns and homes for spring.  Someone I spoke with recently told me that she had begun her spring cleaning by washing down walls and cleaning in the crevices, room by room.   Another person I spoke with told me that she has seedlings growing indoors.  On this last day of March, I celebrate that we're moving into the glorious month of April, filled with all of the hope and activity that spring brings with it.

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