Saturday, March 8, 2014

Furniture of the Mind

I love, love to read and I love to have at least one book around me in any room of the house at any given time.  So when I read recently that a fictional character shared my love of books and saw them as "furniture of the mind," I agreed. The character surrounded himself with books and saw them more important than furniture. I wouldn't replace my comfy bed or equally comfy leather reading chair and ottoman, but I do surround myself with books and even decorate with them.  My late mom's collection of Gladys Taber books seems to find a space in every room of our home.  Seeing them brings me comfort and reminds me of Mom's gentle spirit, as mirrored in the words of Mrs. Taber.  People post photos on Facebook of furniture cleverly made from books, including shelves and coat racks. I probably won't make furniture from my books, but I will surround myself with them, relishing them as furniture of the mind.

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