Monday, March 26, 2012

Acrobatic Antics

While in the dentist's chair recently, I had the opportunity to look out the window and watch birds flitting to a large feeder nestled between some of the trees that surround the clinic.  All of a sudden, the birds scattered.  A fat gray squirrel had come onto the scene.  He (or she) dashed up a nearby evergreen, walked gingerly onto a supple branch that waved vigorously under each step, and made an acrobatic leap onto the bird feeder's ample edge.  There, the squirrel dined and dined and dined, until an afternoon snack had turned into a feast and grabbing just a nibble had led to gorging.  I wasn't in the dentist's chair long enough to see how the squirrel got back down but I'm sure it hobbled away, stuffed with birdseed.  The amazing part of the encounter, however, had been the sheer courage and elegance with which the squirrel had taken its acrobatic leap onto the feeder.  With the Circus World Museum being in our community, I think the squirrel could find a dandy summer job displaying its acrobatic talents!

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