Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cut 'n Curl

It's amazing what a haircut does for me -- not just to my appearance but also to my mood.  I have always loved getting my hair cut.  Getting into the chair, tilting back to have my hair washed and scalp massaged, and then the sculpting sensations of the scissors and razor are such a treat that I almost hate to get out of the stylist's chair when it's all done.  Thankfully, I wear my hair short, which requires more frequent cuts.  When I was a little girl, it was a very big deal that I was allowed to walk the few blocks by myself from my elementary school to the hair salon, which was called "Betty's Beauty Bar."  Even at a young age, I would anticipate having Betty cut my hair.  In between those professional cuts, Mom would trim my bangs, which meant placing a strip of tape over them, then cutting below the tape to get a straight line.   I had more than one school-year photo taken, sporting very, very straight bangs, thanks to Mom's skilled work.  I went through a period a couple of years ago when I thought I could cut my hair myself.  However, after one episode when I thought I was going to have to color my scalp with dark marker (like I did to a doll when I was child because I went crazy with the scissors), I decided that professional hair cuts are a gift I can give to myself.  I'll count the days till the next one.

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