Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pasty Pleasures

Our church women raise money for local, regional and global mission work by making pasties semi-annually and they're a huge hit with our congregation.  Based on the Cornish pasty (pronounced past-tee), our church specializes in two kinds, one filled with meat and potatoes and the other with vegetables.  For both kinds, the filling is placed onto a pastry circle. The whole thing gets folded in half, edges crimped and then baked.  I had not been in the habit of buying the church women's pasties previously because Larry and I eat meat-free meals at home.  However, the new vegetarian version was attractive to us, so I bought four -- enough for Larry and me to have two suppers.  What a delicious treat!  Our vegetarian pasties were chock-full of squash, carrots, potatoes, peppers, onions and black beans.  After we polished off our pasties, we both had that look of wanting more.  We exercised restraint, however, saving the other two pasties for another meal.  These precious treats won't come around again for another six months.  I've already got the next pasty sale date on my calendar.

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