Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making Memories

The other night while Larry and I were walking at Devil's Lake State Park, we encountered family after family making memories together.  Our first encounter was with a man tossing a football to a little boy.  The football was nearly as big as the child but he was certainly having fun, based on his giggles.  Next, we encountered a mom with her preschool daughter, appearing to have made a day of their Devil's Lake experience.  They had brought a picnic meal and a tricycle and other paraphernalia, but they were busy blowing bubbles with soap and a wand when we came upon them.  They were busy watching the bubbles float on the breeze.  Next, we saw a little blond girl with a big pink sunhat, dancing in a carefree fashion while her nonchalant older brother looked at her only on occasion.  My favorites, however, were a mom, dad and two little girls.  The girls were preschoolers, nearly the same age, each with cascading blond hair.  The parents sat on a picnic table lodged in the sand while the two little girls, stark naked, skipped about the beach without any self-consciousness, happy as can be.  The weather, some 40 degrees warmer than normal, had brought out families, communing together in nature, making memories to last a lifetime.

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