Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dropping Off to Raindrops

It rained again the other evening.  As I listened to the drops strike our windows and skylight, I couldn't help but smile.  There is nothing so delightful as to fall asleep to the lullaby of a spring evening rain.  Before I headed to bed that evening, I opened the front door a crack and took in a deep breath of the damp, warm spring air, rich with the aroma of the earth.  I reached my hand out, just to feel the gentle raindrops landing on it.  It's early for us in Wisconsin to have such warm temperatures and rains that smell of spring, but it has been a winter like no other I can remember.  I've been taking advantage of the unseasonable weather to indulge my serious case of spring fever.  The winds have been warm.  The sun has had a particular brilliance. The grass has been turning green. Tulip and daffodil leaves have been erupting from the soil.  The birds have been singing and singing!  I haven't been able to stay inside -- The outside has beckoned me for many a delightful walk.  Soon, we'll see robins, the true harbingers of spring.  What joy to think about spring's blessings while falling asleep on a rainy March night!

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