Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friendly Feuding

My husband is a McCoy, but there aren't any Hatfield-McCoy types of feuds in my world. Our home is rarely ever a contentious place. The other night, however, Larry and I did experience feuding -- a fun and friendly kind.  The good people in my work place planned an employee party where the main entertainment was a team sport, similar to the "Family Feud" game show.  Six teams of five, each with silly names pertaining to their work, engaged in some friendly competition.  Not planning to be part of a team, I got drafted at the last minute to replace a nurse unable to be present.  Consequently, I became one of the "Flaming Nightingales" (named after nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale). Alas, we Nightingales didn't win, but we had a great time trying.  Larry and I laughed at the antics, the good-spirited showing off, and the surprising -- and often hilarious -- answers from some of the teams.  Our "feuding" ended up being a great laughter-filled experience.  I highly recommend an evening of such good feuding!

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