Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Larry and I enjoyed an after-work walk at Devil's Lake State Park last evening.  I needed to spend time in that sacred place that holds healing for me.  At first, I used the time to talk about missing Mom (who had passed away six months ago that day) and to work out the kinks of my work day with Larry.  Then, all of a sudden, my thoughts halted.  I was hearing the jubilant chorus of red-winged blackbirds, spring peepers and large frogs!  Be still my heart!  The song of spring was all around us!  How could one have any problems, concerns or quandaries when these magnificent creatures were lifting our spirits with their song?  Their chirruping preceded the sight of them, but Larry finally spotted a red-winged blackbird on a reed, head lifted, trilling loudly. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.  There was just too much joy around us to not smile.  By the time we returned to our car, my longings for Mom and the cares I'd had from my day were long behind me. Mom was with us as we enjoyed that magical evening. I had found peace and joy and the healing I needed.

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