Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last Sunday, the quiet stillness of our church service was punctuated by the sound of a tiny child in the throes of hiccups.  Rather than finding it a distraction, however, I thought about the joy of being surrounded by people of all ages and how the littlest among us have much to contribute to the meaning of our church experience.  That particular service was led by what we call "chouth," the children and youth of our congregation.  They led us in readings, quoted Scripture, played tone chimes, read blessings, acted out a skit and shared with us their joyful energy.  The lone little "hiccupper" added to the wonderful experience.  As a child, I recall being told to drink a glass of water, to down a spoonful of sugar or to hold my breath in order to end my hiccups. Often one or more of these methods worked.  Then again, if I'd waited long enough, those involuntary spasms of my diaphragm likely would have gone away on their own.  But being told that I "should" down a spoonful of sugar made it worthwhile to have hiccups!  How fun it was last Sunday to rekindle the child/youth in me and to think back to even the joys of having hiccups.

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