Monday, March 19, 2012

Everyday Goddesses

Larry and I spent St. Patrick's Day evening at a feed mill-turned-restaurant in a nearby community.  There, we heard a Celtic and Irish music concert presented by an enchanting vocalist named Celia.  From clever little Irish ditties to more soulful Gaelic tunes to her own compositions inspired by life experiences and trips to Ireland, Celia moved effortlessly from one song to another, all the time holding the audience in the palm of her hand.  Her pure voice needed little, if any, accompaniment, but Celia proved to be skilled at both the guitar and an Irish bodhran drum.  One of her songs had to do with everyday goddesses and it got me to thinking about the women I know who amaze me with all that they do.  They have husbands, families, homes, jobs and hobbies.  Many volunteer in their churches, communities and kids' schools. Some are doing all of that and going back to school at the same time.  As the song from an old TV commercial used to say, these women bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.  Today's everyday goddesses are often the glue that holds their families together, making sure that everyone in their households are clothed and fed, school assignments completed, and extra-curricular activities attended.  I salute all of the amazing, empowered everyday goddesses I know who make our world a better place every single day.

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