Monday, March 12, 2012

Musical Memories

Larry and I spent a recent evening watching several public television programs pertaining to music -- from Doo-Wop to Rock, from Big Band to Singer-Songwriters.  It was delightful to become engrossed in so many musical styles at one sitting.  I couldn't help but think how music defines us and how we often associate eras in our lives with particular pieces of music, especially from our youth.  During the Doo-Wop and Rock 'n Roll show, audience members were interviewed, sharing stories about first loves, school dances and other memorable moments.  The years shed away and those gray-haired folks suddenly became young again, singing along with the musicians, remembering every word.  When I hear "The Way We Were," I think of prom.  When I hear Tom Jones sing "She's a Lady" or The Partridge Family sing "I Think I Love You," I smile from memories of fun Friday night sleepovers with my best friend Pam.  When I hear anything from "Saturday Night Fever," I think of dancing under mirror balls on my college campus. Time is a precious, funny thing.  When we're young, it seems as if it'll go on forever. But as we age, we know better.  It becomes special to reflect on what was.  Music can be that conduit to our memories.

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