Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Greening

For the past couple of weeks, I've been spring cleaning indoors and spring "greening" outdoors.  I've cleaned kitchen cupboard surfaces, swept the garage, dusted ceiling fan blades, wiped out bathroom cupboard drawers, cleaned carpets and wood laminate floors, and swept away salt and other winter debris from the inside of my car.  I've trimmed back the hydrangea, removed last fall's leaves from around the shrubs, and returned my sedum pots to their familiar spots along the front sidewalk.  When you live in a condominium, there isn't as much to do outdoors, but the weather's been so grand that it's been hard to decide if I should be devoting more energy to the abundant tasks of indoor cleaning or the limited tasks of outdoor greening. I've dabbled in a little of both most weekend days.  The potted sedums were an experiment this year.  I wanted to see if I could winter over last year's plants, simply by placing them in the garage.  I'll give them a few weeks to see if they revive and green up or if they need to be replaced by new plants.  Spring is filled with great energy.  I can feel it in and all around me.

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