Saturday, May 26, 2012


There is a special place in our area where the Great Blue Herons nest each year.  Mom and her good friend Lou introduced the area to Larry and me.  Each year for several years, we'd head there to enjoy the raucous carryings-on of the baby herons "requesting" food from their parents.  The adult herons fly in and out of the area, landing with grace on their big nests high up in the pine trees.  As the babies mature, their squawking gets louder and louder.  Earlier this month, after having dinner with our friends Ron and Laurie, the four of us ended our evening together at the rookery, quietly watching and listening to the Great Blue Heron families.  Then, yesterday, my friend Melanie and I visited the rookery to take in the sights and sounds.  I went back again today so that Larry and I could pay a visit.  The bird conversation grows in intensity and volume with each visit, the sounds almost prehistoric in nature.  Every time I'm there, I feel so very close to my mom.  She and I spent many happy hours taking in the Great Blue Heron performances.  We even spent a portion of one of our last Mother's Days together at that rookery.  Adults give birth to infants who eventually muster up the courage to use their wings and take flight.  Like birds, so it is with humans.  Spring is a vivid reminder of the wondrous circle of life and the magnificence of nature with which we are all so closely connected.

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