Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time To Be Revisited

Once in a while, I have to be reminded why I am writing this blog, Time to Be.  Recently, I began freelance writing once again and have added some voice-over recording work of commercials, etc. (See my new website for more info and a link to this blog). I love the creative challenge, but found that I was a bit overloaded for a week or two as I took on a couple of larger projects.  I quickly realized that what was missing from my life was Time to Be, that precious time for dreaming, resting, not having anything in particular that you have to do this very minute, time to read and maybe fall into a nap, time to spontaneously do something fun.  I learned some valuable lessons during those harried weeks -- It's great to have busyness and purpose and to use, as my friend Rhonda says, anywhere from 10% to 50% of your time pursuing something creative, but I also need the balance of that beautiful, necessary Time to Be.  It is a gift we can and should give ourselves.

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