Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome Watercress, Welcome Spring

For several weeks this spring, our local health food store had been selling watercress from nearby Leech Creek. The pungent taste of watercress means spring in Wisconsin. I read that this super-food is of the cabbage family and has such relatives as mustard and radish, both known for their peppery flavor. As a little girl, I recall our friend Charlie bringing us watercress every now and again after he'd been fishing. Watercress is an aquatic-type plant and it evidently grew where Charlie put in his fishing pole. In doing a little reading about watercress lately, I learned that it is among the earliest leafy vegetables to have been consumed by humans and it dates back to Greek and Roman times. Our current-day watercress from Leech Creek joined its cabbage cousin and became a slaw for us to dine on for several lunchtimes that week. With the purchase of the watercress, I celebrated the advent of another growing season. With much anticipation, soon we will be consuming increasing amounts of locally grown food.

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