Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daily Constitutional

One recent evening, I was tuckered out after a long work week.  I even took a nap after I got home, which I otherwise never do.  I was disappointed with my fatigue because the day had been beautiful and would lead to an ideal evening for my daily walk.  After dinner with friends, lots of great conversation and laughter, and a scenic drive, we arrived home only for me to realize that I had regained some of the energy I'd somehow lost in the week and decided that I had to walk.  And what a glorious walk it was!  We live in a very pleasant neighborhood.  My walk took me past lovely homes of all sizes and colors, some new and others older and stately, with big yards and small yards, some with lots of mature trees and others working at growing small trees, with gardens in waiting or perennial flowers in bloom.  The air hung with that sweet spring scent.  The sun was slowly going down.  I was so glad that I had responded to my internal "Gotta Walk" nudge, for it was the perfect way to end my week.

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