Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waxing Nostalgic

I recently read a great book by Faith Baldwin, called Face Toward the Spring.  My friend Karen loaned it to me and it seemed to have come into my life just when I needed it.  One of the chapters has to do with time and how we perceive it.  As a child, I naturally lived in the present.  Time had a different meaning then and that continued to be true even as a young adult.  Now that I'm in my mid-50s, I live in this strange world of yesterday, today and tomorrow, seeing all equally.  Faith Baldwin cautions that it isn't healthy to live in the past, and I would have to agree, even though it's easy to confine yourself there.  I tend to filter those yesterdays and see only the best in them, so they're not as they really were anyway. There is truly so much beauty, wonder and adventure in today and so many hopes and promises for tomorrow that we can't just get lost in times past. Faith Baldwin also calls her readers to not be afraid of the future.  Truly, I believe it's healthiest to appreciate the past and trust that there will be good in the future, but to live squarely in today, for the present is our own to enjoy, shape and live.  So, although I tend to wax nostalgic at times in this blog, especially as I remember the spirit of my parents, there's nothing like living today with a heart full of gratitude and an anticipation for the next adventure ahead.

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