Friday, May 4, 2012

One Person's Trash, Well, is Trash

Larry and I are avid recyclers, but one recent week, the pile to take to the curb was almost ridiculous.  Thanks to Larry's efforts to clean and organize his home office, we had a tall stack of collapsed cardboard boxes bundled with twine, a city recycling bin full to the brim and at least a dozen plastic recycling bags filled with papers and other items that at one time seemed to be necessities but were now easily discarded.  That same week, we gave old, but still usable, cans of paint and stain to Habitat for Humanity and we divested ourselves of three carloads of stuff that benefited the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.  We shredded.  We vacuumed.  We purged.  We organized.  Afterward, I truly felt lighter, almost buoyant.  I was pleased with our accomplishments, but I still have some concern:  I hope we can continue with our "green" way of living by curbing our desire for future accumulation.

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  1. Once again , you light the road , and lead the way -- for the rest of us --- thanks Keri !


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