Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lightly Dressed

Is there anything as lovely as a summer salad lightly tossed with an oil and vinegar dressing or the opportunity to be lightly dressed yourself?  Summer is made for lightness.  There's more daylight. Summer's bounty encourages eating a healthy diet that is free of heavy sauces.  The hot weather promotes wearing fewer layers of clothes, brighter colors, whiter whites.  I had a conversation with a friend recently about our mutual distaste for wearing pantyhose in the summer, yet our jobs require it.  As we said, who wants to encapsulate your legs in nylons when summertime is nudging you to free your toes and skin from winter's bondage?  So, as we approach Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer, I say, three cheers for the lightness that summer brings, the early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets, the salad greens that beg you to enjoy them just as they are, and the shedding of sweaters and socks for sandals and shorts.  Let there be (summer's) light!

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