Friday, May 18, 2012

Row, Row Your Boat

The wind was kicking up and the air was raw, but Larry and I decided to take an evening walk at Devil's Lake State Park.  It was just an ordinary Friday evening. But as we parked the car, we saw red -- a sea of University of Wisconsin red, that is -- tents, vehicles, jackets.  Something was afoot, but what?  Then, we saw it -- team after team of UW men's rowers, moving about the South Shore and rowing in their long slender boats on the lake.  There were as many as seven teams, oars moving in synchronized fashion, out on the lake at one time. What an extraordinary sight!  I did a little online research after returning home and learned that we were getting a special sneak preview that evening.  Due to expected rain and heavy winds on Madison's Lake Mendota, which would make it unrowable, the following day's men’s rowing race had been moved to Devil's Lake State Park. The UW's Badgers would host two trophy races against Dartmouth, MIT and Boston University at Devil's Lake.  Go Big Red!

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