Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Second Time A Charm

I wish I'd paid more attention in science class.  However, I was an arts-type of person (still am).  I worked hard in science and math classes, and I had wonderful teachers and college instructors whose passion for their subject matter and for teaching was always appreciated.  But, sadly, I retained what I learned only out of necessity and then I'd conveniently forget most of it after the test had been taken.  Fast forward 30+ years:  I felt as if I was re-learning everything I once knew about geology and constellations while on a bus excursion to a science museum and planetarium recently.  Despite my bent for the arts, I was surprised how fascinating and relevant all of that science was to me.  Perhaps it was the relaxing learning environment without the pressure of being tested on the material.  Perhaps it was a maturity that fostered a willingness to expand my horizons. Whatever the reason, rather than being hard on myself, I decided to simply be grateful that I had a second chance to let some science sink in.

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