Saturday, July 28, 2012

American Daydreaming

I heard a thought-provoking interview on public radio recently about the American Dream and whether it is attainable today.  The guests spoke about the definition of the American Dream and its ties to our materialistic pursuits, such as owning a home.  Then, a caller to the program told about his view of the American Dream and how it has changed for him as a real estate professional due to the recent economic crisis, as well as painful experiences in his personal life.  He said that once we get into our 50s, the questions beg to be asked as to how much have we taken and how much have we given in this life.  I started thinking about my own version of the American Dream.  Beyond the ability to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care and a vehicle for my loved ones and me, is there much more in the way of things or services that I truly need in order to have a good, satisfying and meaningful life?  I've been given many blessings in my life.  But the caller's question of "How much have I given?" stays with me and offers a greater purpose as I look forward.

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