Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let Me Process That

I like to travel lightly through life.  I don't like buying too much "stuff" -- certainly not gadgets that tend to seem great at first, but later just catch dust.  I'm not what you'd call an impulsive shopper. For years (literally!), I've contemplated the notion of buying a food processor, but just could never justify the purchase to myself, even though I had been drawn to countless recipes that required the use of one.  Larry and I started looking over recipes and cooking together a few weeks ago.  We discovered that we were both attracted to recipes needing more than just our trusty knives.  So, we bought a food processor on the 4th of July and have gone processing mad ever since.  We've made energy bars.  We've made basil pesto.  We've made vegetable taco filling. And we've got plans for even more recipes (Why not try making our own roasted red pepper hummus?!).  Although I still pride myself in being a discerning shopper, I'm very glad that I finally succumbed to the "big" purchase of a food processor, so we can enjoy many new, healthy and delicious recipes.

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