Friday, July 27, 2012

Blue Ribbon "Good"

A lovely friend who lives in our local nursing home devotes considerable time to making crafts.  Arlene is a very talented woman. On a recent visit, she showed me numerous items she had made out of silk flowers, as well as wood and ceramic figures she had painted and embellished.  She planned to enter them all for judging into the county fair.  As we parted company that day, I told her that I was certain she would come away with at least one blue ribbon on one of her half-dozen items.  A few weeks later, when Larry and I visited the fair, we sought out the various exhibit buildings where I was pleased to see that Arlene had won not only one blue ribbon, but blue ribbons on all of the items I recognized as hers.  I'm certain that Arlene enjoys spending time with her creative pursuits and would do so anyway, but it was particularly gratifying to me that her talents would be validated in such a big way with blue ribbon after blue ribbon after blue ribbon.

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