Monday, July 23, 2012

Looking Out

We've had some serious heat this summer -- days and days and days of record-breaking temperatures.  We've been forced to close the windows and live in constant air conditioning.  For those without a.c., cooling centers were set up in municipal buildings to provide some relief.  I've given a lot of thought lately to which is worse -- being cooped up in the house in winter or summer?  All winter, I wait for sunshine, warm temperatures, long days, green everywhere and birdsong.  Yet, with our recent blistering heat, there'd been plenty of sunshine, hot temps, long days, and brown and wilting foliage and grass.  For too long, I had little to no opportunity to hear birdsong because I'd been stuck inside with closed windows, looking out.  Before the next potentially harsh Wisconsin winter comes along, I plan to fling open the windows as often as I can, breathe in the cool, fresh air, and with all of the gratitude in my being, enjoy Nature's beauty.

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